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Just tell your workplace Police instruction not to pay or else they can charge you with LS activity. That will stop your workplace from asking you to pay.

It's normal that people think just pay up and problem is solved. We ex-victims know it's not that simple. You pay and your hellish situation will be extended until you stop paying and endure the harassment. These LS are cheats and will not keep their end of the agreement.

Use the Police report and apply at your Town Council office for CCTV installation approval. If they disapprove, just inform your I/O to settle with them.

Your superior and colleagues should support you, too bad they react that way, you need to be strong. Remind them to report to Police since the LS threaten your workplace.

Police take that threat seriously but we know the LS are cowards and won't harm anyone at your workplace.

Report to Police the threat and Police will patrol your workplace for a while.

We all have this feeling of guilt. Just read back past month of victims in this thread. It's a normal response. You are not alone.Now, you need to be objective and put that aside. Also remember to eat and rest. You need all the strength you can muster to go through this. Gather mental strength from the support given by your family to think straight.

Stay strong. Don't submit to their threats and harassment. Endure for a few weeks, it will end soon.

Thank you for the advise.

My workplace already knew abt this as they called uo my HR and say if i nvr return their call, they will come harass the children in the school.

Thats when my principal found out and i come clear with her that im being scammed.

And now, she is indirectly telling me to oay up. Coz if i pay up, this wont happen. She said i also make the whole school involve in this.

Really disappointed in myself.

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