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Woeful performance. ScottM had a poor game by his own standards, while JuanM's was largely forgettable. Leicester made passes through our midfield like a hot knife through butter while we struggled to connect passes. We are becoming a one-tactic team - pass to DanielJ and hope he runs and creates havoc and make space for some other player. So many asked for ChrisS to be disposed of after being dead sure VictorL and HarryM will form the next defensive great wall. After 5 games, I hope you like what you are seeing, along with the possible replacements on standby.
DavidDG made a couple of great saves, but didn't have much stress thereafter as we resorted to wild clearances and putting the ball out for corners and throw-ins like a lesser team would against United of the past.
And let's just say I'd rather see this midfield than some hardworking high presser or a star midfielder who does cross-pitch long passes once in a while.
I was laughing at all the instances in which we stand off their players with the ball, while they effortlessly triple-up on our players whenever we get the ball.
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