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No, they cannot. SPF install many CCTV, will be caught if they do. Their "operations" badly affected by all the CCTV and frequent arrests.

I believe if arson is their new method, SPF will definitely also up their game.

Anyway just a full load of empty threats. But on the safe side, just be vigilant for next few weeks. Maybe install a smoke detector at your maindoor.

Met a uml and he said he will settle all my loans outside if I donít he will need to charge my weekly interest instead of monthly interest. Later I knew I was scammed and he insisted that he paid up for me and I need to pay him the loans with his company. I refused as I paid more than what I owed them and his boss call up saying that he ran away with the money and I have an outstanding loan with their company and threaten me to pay up.

Not the first time this company did this, and Iím not going to pay them but just worried they might harass my house. Blocked their numbers on my nok phone.

Police alerted but I donít think they can do anything about it.

Just like to see if you guys think they will really burn my house etc

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