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The law is real. I myself is a wp holder. But i have ghost on LS two months now so far after blocking and ignoring calls... Everything seems quiet now....

Remember WP holders... If ur pass is revoked... U can never work in sg again... So make the right choice.

As a wp holder, my advise is get ur HR informed about this... Dont pay up. Dont answer any calls or txt from unknown numbers... Change number if u have to...
Try channeling your focus to ur house or parents house in ur home country. Esp if its in malaysia... Get a cctv installed there for protection.... In singapore nothing much can be done to you if u are staying here... If they want to really harrass... They might do it in ur home outside of sg if the have connections ( some do ).

I had my house at malaysia monitored by cctv... 2 big dogs and a car blanket to cover up the car every night just incase.

Paying will only extend your problem. Ghost on them.

As a workpass holder, your situation is more complicated.Are you aware in Singapore if a workpass holder borrow from UML, your workpass will be revoked if the law knows about it?

To any workpass holder reading this thread please be aware of this local law.
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