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My dear i am in Yr situation too. I paid and paid but its never enough. They come up with many terms of their own. Since they know I am a weak victim they pass my no around to others ULM which i know its from the same group. I was on the verge of suicidal. Tho I lost a few thousands to them even after not owning them anything I still feel grateful I found this forum. From this forum too
I found few angels here that patiently guiding and supportive towards my issues even when they themselves facing problems of their own.

Please close all Yr social media immediately as for me i was a little too late and they managed to get pics and used them against me.

Change Yr contact no. Otherwise install the call blocker apps. Tell Yr noks if possible to change their no otherwise if that is not possible just install the call blocker apps and if they find it a hassle due to their reasons tell them to ignore those unknown numbers and do not open/listen to their WhatsApp/sms messages.

Get approval from yr Town Council and install CCTV. It will take within 5 days to 2 weeks for approval. 1 minute already seems eternity so a few of us install cctv even b4 the approval but do be careful coz if they find out u will be fined. Once Yr cctv is up, Yr eyes will be glued to Yr viewing app. The moment u c unfamiliar faces lurking around, call 999. Do inform Yr neighbours about the cctv and d harrasment u going tru and just tell them if they c any unfamiliar faces not to approach but call 999

It seems they have stir up Yr work place, same like mine.

Do not reveal too much detail here as u never know who is reading your post.

As for my case, my IO came to my hse to check for any updates and gave me her handphone no incase I need immediate help.

STOP paying them anymore. If your account no is being reported u will be implicate assisting with money laundering or worse assisting UML. U can do parallel change of new account no online for POSB/DBS and close Yr old account no.

Stay strong, eat as u need energy to go tru, spend some time with your family for dinner or just relax by the beach but never bow down to them. By ghosting them u have do yourself a favour.

I don't open my doors and windows as I fear for the safety of my cats. Try to lay low.

We won't know how long the harrasment gonna last but live goes on. Just stay vigilant

Please stay stronger and take care.
Hey bro I need help. I keep paying them and one day I decided to stop and they started harassing me and now my account got freeze for suspected money laundering ):
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