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i have a d3s paired with 24-70mm vr

is this setup still ok or need upgrade aldy?
What is wrong with this setup ? 24-40 f/2.8 is a very versatile and sharp walkaround FF lens. Unless you need more than 12MPs, then you can always opt for the Nikon D5 or maybe even the upcoming D6 as long as you have a deep enough pocket

You even have the VR edition of it, which I had the previous. I don't find at such focal length that I need VR though. Just use a fast enough shutter speed with/without flash to freeze your subjects.

If you prefer doing video, then you can opt for something else. I'm not into videography on DSLR, so wouldn't be able to comment much.

These days, I just make do with my iPhone X, looking forward to iPhone 11 Pro even for tours.

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