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Kim Hye Yoon Starts To Notice SF9’s Rowoon For The First Time In Upcoming Drama “Extraordinary You”

MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary You,” starring SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon, has released a new teaser!

“Extraordinary You” is based on a fantasy romance webtoon about a female high school student named Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim Hye Yoon) who goes against her predetermined fate as a manhwa (Korean comic) character to find love. Rowoon also plays a fellow manhwa character called No. 13, an extra in the story. He has no name and exists in the background, but when he meets Eun Dan Oh, he begins to change as his feelings grow.

In the new trailer, Eun Dan Oh says in a voiceover, “You never know if your wish will come true,” as she reaches for an umbrella stuck in a tree. When No. 13 comes up behind her to retrieve it for her, she freezes in surprise. The two characters encounter each other several times in the teaser, as No. 13 catches Dan Oh as she falls and the two meet eyes on the platform at a train station. Dan Oh says, “Do you remember there being someone as tall and good-looking as that in our class?”

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