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Can already foresee what was to come:

1) Bad start to the season
2) Players become unmotivated
3) Style of play becoming increasingly dull and boring
4) Fans getting disgruntled.
5) some players will eventually fell out with manager within the dressing room, lead to toxic environment.
6) ďCrisis at UnitedĒ headline will appear
7) Mathematically or realistically out of top 4 race.
7) Fans will call for sacking/Woodward out due to no improvement in Football standard on the pitch and demand player investment.
9) The inevitable happens.

I hope Iím wrong though.
Well, canít say that Iím surprised by all these. Had foreseen this even b4 season started. (Post was written before the season started) Why the board never forseen this to happen I would never understand.
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