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Good line up in defence? I don't think 2 central defenders winning 5 (+-1) headers between them over 90 minutes counts as good defence. And I think out of those headers they won, it went straight back to WH players.
Whoever has the interest to watch that 90 minutes again can watch and count.
For their first goal, we were a training setup with a YipMan sparring figure as a defender.

But overall, ScottM had a superb game. JuanM and NemanjaM cannot both start games - they can't and shouldn't be on beyond 60 minutes. But while the performance was more positive, the execution from many a player wasn't. Basic stuff like passing, especially in the final 15 minutes, were just plain sloppy, or technically inferior.

Whether OleGS can turn it around is anybody's guess. All I can and will do is to continue watching games. You gotta watch the bad ones, to know the good ones when you see one.
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