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To be fair, the problem is really not the glazers.

They have spent quite a fair amount. You want pogba they give you pogba. You want Maguire, wan bissaka they give you. They do not interfere with much transfer dealings unless it's way way too expensive. They do not even say they want a certain player in the club. They leave it all to the directors, manager, coaches and scouts.
Yes, but the directors/board/whoever in charge of transfers wont change till the owners change... and after Jose's first 2 summer windows, the backing suddenly stopped. We bought Fred and Dalot in the 3rd summer window, followed by Maguire, AWB and James. Our net spend over those 2 windows was like 100m in total, which is only a bit more than what we paid for Pogba alone. That is just negligence for a club our size and generates the kind of revenue that we do. I am quite sure that if Jose was backed with another CB like Maguire or Alderweireld in that summer, we would not have crashed so spectacularly as Jose would most prob not be throwing tantrums and such. The fees are astronomical but that's how the market is nowadays.
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