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I think the new generation of LS or Forced Loan Scammers require to "look" into your CPF account and HDB via your Singpass to verify you. They will use HP of your NOK and Office particulars as a tool later to harass them, to harass you.

Giving IC and Driving License not enough info for them, so no need worry. Furthermore, they need to ensure your bank account is correct to transfer and start their scam.

With only the two info, they can only harass you. It will be easier for you as a victim. Just block the unknown calls. Usually the harassment escalate to harass your office and NOK. That can stress victims out.

So don't worry, they need more than IC and Driving License to start scamming you. The taxi driver can't do much to misuse your personal info.

LS require a whole range of your personal info to start the "contract loan".

Don't need to be paranoid. Relax.
thanks so much for your effort to write such a long reply. appreciate it.
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