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this is illegal, loan shark. Real moneylenders not allowed to watsapp/msg their service or their license gantong.

Loan shark modus operandi is not to lend you money and earn your interest. They make money by harassment and blackmail and if you fear them, they will bleed you for every single cent you or your friends/relative has (you borrow from friends to pay LS). they bluff you by posting these long repayment instalment terms. Then when you give them all your particulars, inc. your sensitive personal info and the info of your family, they say $500 as trial and pay back next week $600 or else every week $100. if u no want to take the loan, also must pay penalty (some ridiculous amount like $500) for wasting their time. Then after you pay them this penalty, they say never receive your money and ask you to pay again. After you pay a 2nd time, they say you pay late and must pay $1,000 as penalty. Last month Wanbao got story of a businessman kena such con and end up paying more than $8,000 within 1 night.

Remember, Loan Shark do not lend you money. They only harass you to give them money becos you have already given them you sensitive private information
Thanks Bro, was wanting to call them just now, after yr advice, won't call liao... But why they advertise like that if they cannot loan 10k so much???

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