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just to share some thoughts after upgrade to 5700XT reference lately:

1. on non pcie 4.0 board (AM4), i need to force chipset/pcie lanes speed @ 3.0 instead of auto

2. stock volt is way too high, referred to a youtube video, put highest clock as 1900, volt @ 1020mv. all good. getting 1840Mhz ish for games, 78c max on temp, a silent blower cooler.

generally a few hiccups here & there but happy after d tweaks.
u got a reference card?

the card will go higher mhz if u tune your fan speed higher unless u mind the noise.

now that u mentioned, i encourage whoever uses b450 boards and 5700xt to set pci-e to 3, there are issues whereby the card is running pcie4 which may cause stability and oc issues.

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