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2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards confirmed to take place in Japan's Nagoya Dome

2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter MAMA) has revealed details for this year’s ceremony!

On September 24, Mnet announced that 2019 MAMA will be held at Nagoya Dome in Japan on December 4. This is the first time that MAMA will be held at a dome and will be its largest-scale ceremony to date.

Regarding concern due to Korea-Japan relations, Mnet responded, “There was in-depth discussion regarding the venue due to strained Korea-Japan relations, but the general consensus was that cultural exchange of the people must continue regardless of political issues.”

CJ ENM’s Music Contents Director Shin Hyung Kwan commented, “True to its name, MAMA has become established as the top music awards show in Asia. We will continue our efforts for K-pop and Asian music to go beyond national and cultural boundaries to become mainstream across the world.”
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