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Morning ladies and gents, thought I'd chime in with/about my own Secret Lab Titan... Got it in Nov 2017, and it started peeling early this year. Condition got quite bad till it's dropping black "dandruff" all over the floor when I get up from it.

Emailed them to ask if they do reupholstery, they said they don't... and offered me a generous trade-in fee of $100 for a new chair.

Finally came across Royale Ergonomics ( ) from this thread too, and also carousel. Got them to reupholster my Titan, and also bought their King series chair. Both done in Napa leather.

The great thing is, they use automotive-grade leather and PU leather, so I won't have to worry about peeling!

Pics of my 2 chairs, both with custom colours and logos. Went with the Battletech/MechWarrior theme

SL Titan reupholstery:

My Royale King series gaming chair:

Pew pew Mechwarrior Online haha
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