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This game has finally done it for me. 30+ years a Man United fan and I can’t believe what I’m watching.

There is nothing that attaches me to the club anymore. No more SAF, no more RVP, or Carrick, nor the football. There is OGS but I’m convinced now he’s clueless as a manager. Sorry but I simply can’t see what improvement he’s talking about. We’re completely lost and impotent in attack, and I realise now that the players are actually quite bad individually in terms of technical skills. We don’t have any players who can actually beat a man, and we struggle to take balls off from opponents. So many of our lower ranked opponents seem to possess better technical skills, in terms of keeping the ball, awareness of space and taking on opponents. Or, having witnessed another atrocious cross - just putting a decent cross into the box. If Pogba is our best player as many thinks, surely we are doomed.

The football the team plays make my blood boil, and for my own sanity this is no longer a team I will lose sleep over to watch, whether late Sunday nights or early weekday mornings. From now I’ll have nothing more than a passing interest in United games and results. I would much rather watch Citeh games for entertainment (but never the Fools though - they and their fans continue to disgust me).

My son just asked: you’re stayed up just to watch a Europa game? Indeed, a good question asked by someone without the baggage of being a fan for so many years. So to all of you who will continue to sacrifice your sleep to watch United games: enjoy and good luck!
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