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Thanks for helping to link the article. I saw this earlier, but it didn't really answer my doubt. My scenario is that I replaced a slightly faulty disk in my Nas and I was wondering if my data is irretrievable and it's safe to dispose of this disk without formatting. My pc is a little fragile and I didn't want to take the risk of opening it to plug in the disk to format.

The disk is slightly faulty in that the Nas will show that disk is not initialized when the Nas is awoken from hibernation. If I repair the storage pool, it will be ok. If I do a smart test on the disk, it's ok. If I don't let my Nas hibernate, it's also ok. So it seems like only the waking from hibernation is the problem for the disk.
Have u replaced the old HDD with a new one in the NAS? Any issue with the new HDD after it goes into hibernation?

I'm asking cos from your description, there's a high chance that it's a NAS issue instead - possibly the SATA adapter/slot is failing thus causing the disk to be disconnected/un-initialised whenever it goes to hibernation mode. That would explain why you can repair the SP & the SMART tests all come back OK.
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