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Seal guardian is still better for Leon. Depending who you have, blue star is suitable for any high mobility units. Essentially any flyer or calvary can use it.

You sibei heng. I played for 9 mths liao also cannot get one overlord badge.

Do note that overlord badge prevents mobility down. It does not prevent 'unable to guard'. Ie, it guards against the effect of thousand hooves, but do not guard against the effect of smash.

These days I used smash now, even though it can be dispelled the next turn.

For pve, its no problem since mobs seldom have smash skills. If you are super lucky to get a 2nd badge, use them on crit based chars like zerida/kirikaze.
Noted and thanks

hmm .. I think will combi Overlord + sage for tank to make him better ..

Btw for tank , should I enchant steel or hard rock better ?

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