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this is going to be a terrible season for us, whether we sack ole or not. Looks like Jose was right - the quality and most importantly, the mentality of the players is terrible. There is a reason why Jose liked Mctominay so much and we can see that now. Not backing him for that extra CB during that transfer window after we finished second is now coming back to bite us.

I am not saying that Jose was not wrong - he was also a big part of the problem last season with his tantrums and all, but I can see why he did so, unprofessional as it was. I think he would kill to have a team that had half of the quality of the last time we were champions - he should have taken over SAF directly instead of Moyes, and at least he would have a group of players with a better mentality to start from.

As many have said, the problems we face now is an accumulation of the issues we have had since the Glazers took over, most importantly after we sold our best player to Real and did not remotely reinvest that world-record fee due to "no value in the market". That slowly eft us with a lop-sided team that was held together by SAF's miracle and last throw of the die when we bought RvP. The rise of City and the other oil-backed clubs did not help at all of course.

When Moyes came in and lost the dressing room, our core of mentally strong players was fractured and by the time LvG came in, I struggle to recall who was our leader on and off the pitch. The foundations were all gone by the time Jose took over. He still managed to be our most successful manager after SAF though, but again the board did not back him when needed. One of the big misses for transfers when Jose was here is when Griezmann chose to stay at Atletico cause of their transfer ban. If he had joined us, we could solved a lot of our goal scoring problems, no.7 jersey problems (would have meant no Sanchez) and the lack of experience in attack.

The fact that Young has been our club captain for the past 2 years just goes to show how really really far our standards have dropped. He won't even be captain at any of the other teams in the the PL to be honest. The board has fecked up so many managers due to their ineptitude and only fixing one "hole" at a time when they should be sanctioning wholesale changes rather that small steps. They fix one hole but 2 more spring up - it reminds me of BB-8 trying to fix Poe's X-wing at the start of The Last Jedi. We have been outspent in terms of net transfer fees by most of the other teams in the league - that's crazy!

So now we are lacking in almost all departments - ok our defence has improved (which again proved Jose right when he said he needed at least 1 more CB and we could have gotten Maguire in 1 year earlier and maybe 20m cheaper), but our midfield and attack are horrendous, our best players are constantly injured or out of form or are wanting to leave, our set pieces are one of the worst in the league (when we have corners, i am more afraid of the opposition scoring on the counter than us scoring from it, as seen last night), we don't seem to have a Plan A, let alone a Plan B.

Really hard for me to see the light at the end of this tunnel we are in. Which manager wants to come if we sack Ole when they know someone like Jose and LvG have failed, and they know the board won't support them in terms of transfers, and the current squad is in such disarray? Hopefully whoever comes in will really put down their foot and say:"I wont sign till there is a clause in the contract saying I can get at least 4 signings or spend 200m net per summer". Even with that, it still seems a hard sell to a top manager.
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