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but as the tweet said, these set of players should be enough to win our last few games. we aren't even playing top teams. not even saying AZ..i mean, Rochdale?! what excuse do we have for that?

GNev's first line. away from home, the team is not set up to win.
combination of everything - it's a compounded problem as everyone is low on confidence, and no one seems to have the confidence to score at all at the moment. Even Maguire missed that chance that he would have buried 99 out of 100 times usually.

Look at the team that played yesterday - bar maguire and DDG, would any of those players be starting for man city, liverpool or arsenal? I don't think that the set of players we started with yesterday is any better than any of the other teams in the league. And this again stems from the years of mismanagement from the board.
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