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The goal that Newcastle score as whole bunch of United players all in the box and no one outside the box to mark incoming players.

This is midfield player duty but it is absent.

If SAF is now managing with all the fans wanting to sack him in 8 months of being manager then there is no United winning so many trophy.

When SAF sell 4 to 5 players at one goes, he also manage to buy/bring in 4 to 5 players as replacement but what happen now, 4 player out, how many really comes in.

Anyway, the players are down and OGS not able to lift their defeatist mentality up to perform better.

Selling LKK after the transfer is close, I believe is the management fault not the manager. No manager want to sell of a player after the transfer window is closed. IMHO.
But ole said LKK doesn't want to stay and he see no point in keeping players whose heart is not with the team

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