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what happen to the guy that said many players had played their last and have no future in this team
out of the lot that left, be it sold or loan, only Smalling was featuring regularly in his team last season. so he only meant 1 guy?
i never liked Mourinho before he was our manager, i liked him during his time here because he was brutally honest about the situation at the club. no sugar coated lies selling fairy tales about this dreamy "United way" "play with kids"

some one has to pay for the mistake of not adding to our midfield and strikers, and we all know it won't be the owners or CEO.
Sanchez, Lukaku, Smalling have all left, Young by right is supposed to be part time only at most. Again this is down to the board not backing the manager - it was glaringly obvious we needed the biggest transfer summer in decades but it was another damp squib with minimal net spend again. I am sure Ole wanted players like Dybala, Eriksen and others to replace the Lukakus, Matics and Lingards of the team.

I agree with what you say about Jose - hence i also wary when he was sacked as i saw the problem was mainly stems from the board
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