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i cannot understand why AP15 was running deeper and deeper without staying in line with his defenders, and kept Jetro Willems onside.
minus the 2 standing in front of DDG, there were 5 players just standing there when the pass was made to Longstaff u wonder what they do in training all week.

and speaking of training, our squad really so poor that Young is the best we have to take setpieces? how many did he NOT waste just last night alone?
The goal that Newcastle score as whole bunch of United players all in the box and no one outside the box to mark incoming players.

This is midfield player duty but it is absent.

If SAF is now managing with all the fans wanting to sack him in 8 months of being manager then there is no United winning so many trophy.

When SAF sell 4 to 5 players at one goes, he also manage to buy/bring in 4 to 5 players as replacement but what happen now, 4 player out, how many really comes in.

Anyway, the players are down and OGS not able to lift their defeatist mentality up to perform better.

Selling LKK after the transfer is close, I believe is the management fault not the manager. No manager want to sell of a player after the transfer window is closed. IMHO.
this squad right now needs reinforcements badly in multiple positions.

LKK was destined to be sold right off the bat because he don't want to be here. Ole n LLK had talk it out. but this club only managed to sell him after the window is closed for us, dafug have they been doing all summer to get that replacement. how is that not priority?
did Ole tell them 'its okay, we can rely on Martial Rashford who are hardly consistent and Greenwood who is a fresh young kid' just like how he put it in the media just 2mths ago?
"Anthony and Marcus can carry our attacking threat,"
"If not, we would have signed someone else or kept someone else."
his words, not mine.
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