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hello ... long time no visit this thread (not subscribed lol)

it’s getting very hard to watch my beloved United
honestly, this has got to be the worst of times
i actually wish United to lose
imho Ole hasn’t got what it takes .
the team is a reflection of the manager, and the manager is just as lost as the players out there
also noticed how isolated he is now, actually all the staff are not in cohesion
they don’t seem to be communicating as much (or perhaps i was asleep watching the match lol)
i for one don’t think it’s down to time and players to be added
we’ve been on a downward spiral since the PSG win; ever since we confirmed Ole’s position prematurely
if we are not proactive, we might be sucked and stuck in a relegation battle
once the rot sets in, even this team will struggle to find form to dig themselves out
plus, the new territory syndrome
i don’t think Ole will be around unless a miracle happens (again, just as it did when he took over from Mou)
plus it looks like the players are starting to not play for him

PS : i have not gone thru previous comments ... perhaps i’m only echoing the thoughts of many of you

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