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Maybe some are right that Ole isn't good enough. But what's the point of sacking him? Who will come? If given a choice, I would keep JM last season and sell those farking players. JM way, no matter how boring, would bring us the result.

But back then people say boring, rather attack and lose than park bus. Buy old players say no resale value, too expensive blah blah blah. Now you get what you want, young players, Utd way manager, and you tell me this is result-oriented business and Ole must go? You bunch don't go sell prata at Jalan Kayu really waste your talent.

Since we cannot unsack JM, we can only continue to support Ole. The results are bad, but at least the signings are good. Give him more windows and stick with him as long as we don't get relegated. (One Mod here said we are crazy to think we can be relegated, well, not so crazy anymore aye?) Stop thinking we are top 6, or what based on the current team we should be beating who who who. Based on paper City also won't lose 0-2 but they did. Best thing for us is finish outside of top 6 so that we can focus on EPL next season and slowly build the core.

You guys want youngsters, you guys want sack JM, you got them, support them.
that's vitamin c for you.

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