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DDG weekly new salary is almost 375k pound.

Rashord is getting 250K

Pogba is getting 290K

Martial is getting 250K
DDG went into a slump when he felt his paycheck wasnt good enough...

The RPM combination is paid almost close to a million pound per weeek...
but they are not really driving the fans wild with their performance.

For me, Jose will still have to go... but if the board didnt address the issue why the club went into downward spiral after giving Ole the contract... the same issue will repeat... 4-0 on day one.... and now just spiral downward again.. almost a free fall.

and dun every talk about Ferige first 3 or 4 years... it has no bearing in today context... but the football was at least entertaining back then....thought the points werent coming in. .... I had ever said Ole might not survived till till Christmas after the slump towards end of last season...and it might really happen....

i am OK with defeat or draw.... but I cant tolerate if the team appeared to be playing sunday football week in week out.
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