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Hi Remless ,

Yes sage hat. Ya, I have it on both Tiaris & Liana haha. I will execute Ledinís turn then park my healer beside him ( single person if possible ) to activate sage hat skill.

I am still a bit unsure why Hard rock use by so many ppl ? Suppose itís 50% chance to heal only compared to steel which lowers the damage taken by 10% ( suppose this is 100% chance ) .
1. Hard rock is like applying Tiaris talent to your tank, although it states 50% chance to heal, but it feels more like 100% lol.

2. Hard rock does not need a healer to proc. Without Almeda or Chris global heal, you're still in luck.

3. Healing on enemy phase is particularly useful, especially when your tank suffer multiple attacks in one turn. Because during enemy phase even your healer cannot help. Healing 15% HP after each attack might make the difference between life or death in a gb. You know the feeling when Vargas proc his talent for 2nd life? Heng ah!

Sage as in Sage hat? For me, every main healer (Liana and tiaris) have sage hat. Its almost a must. Lol. But sage hat do not activate until u have a turn.

PVE: Hard rock
PVP: Hard rock or Ice or thorns
Sage hat so good?

Do people try to churn SR equipment?

E.g SR equipment buy at 200 grey ore, then transmute can get back how much? If lose abit only, can keep churning until I get a sage hat.

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