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How do u track your claims in the simplygo app?
Please go below to see claims. I've also added step by step procedure to setup simplyGo.

1. Check if your credit card is already configure for simplyGo. Either thru your app or via MRT station kiosk. Go-to website t check how to use before using the kiosk.

2. Does your daily commute 'tap' says, I think is, "have a good day" instead of $x.xx trip? That confirms you are using simplyGo.

3. download simplyGo app. Register your credit card into the app. Only 1 app will be registered as your main app. This means you can't have 2 phones using a single account or app.

4. Everytime you enter and exit your trip, the app will notify you your trip cost.

5. Note you must tap in by 7.45am to get MRT $0.50 discount (weekday only)

6. Be careful if you are using your mobile phone for simplyGo. It may not register your entry or exit. I suspect newer generation phone are more stable than older phones.

7. simplyGo app can also help you to settle (online) missed 'tap' after a few days later. It is much better than previous CEPAS app which I found out there are sometimes unreported missed 'tap' that was gone unnoticed.

8. I've gone through simplyGo claims caused by using older mobile phone via Samsung pay app that missed some 'tap'.

simply wait a few days for the simplyGo app to enable that day's problematic transaction, then press claim button and describe the problem, and submit.

Wait a few days later for them to check the claim issue. If found the problem is theirs, they will SMS you and refund you back to your credit card. Otherwise, they will SMS you that the problem is yours and will not process the claim. Usually my initial problem was I missed my 7.45am entry and I can't claim it.

The app will also be updated for successful claims.

Hope this will help

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