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Thanks for your reply. I had checked with PE, he said at least 10k to do all these endorsement thing, as URA will ask me to send to other departments.

Yes management did mentioned that awning should be less than 2m. I did at the same depth with my neighbour so our awning look flushed. Which comes out less than 0.5m. And I also had checked other units, most of them do more than 2m.

Count me unlucky....

You management has approved you to cover the roof terrace in general or stated clearly you can only do it 2m from the wall?

If the management only state generally without any detail, then you may be in luck, else you are in trouble and need 80% in the AGM for a special resolution.

If the management approve without any term but you do it illegally, exceeded 2m from the wall, then you must immediately get PE endorsement and submit to URA as soon as possible to avoid any legal issue from the URA. Any complain to URA, you will be given a time frame to remove it else fine will follow.

It will still be approved by URA but you need the PE to draw the diagram based on existing structure. He will take this opportunity to charge you even more because they did not approve it in the first place and take additional responsibility in case your structure collapse. You are under his mercy.

Pls note, anything drop from the illegal structure and kill someone, you go straight to jail and no insurance will cover you!

If you have PE endorsement on the structure during your renovation, you still can use it for submission. For URA submission, you can try to do it yourself online. Most of the information you can get it from your MSCT!

URA people is very nice. Wrong information key in, they (probably the Architect) will contact and help you to get it done! Remember, you already paid $800 for the service!

Get it approved so that you can sell it with a plus point!
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