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My credit rating dropped from HH to HZ.

Stupidly took up various loans and student CCs when I was young and gambled and had problems back then to pay off. Went to university overseas and didn’t pay my CC and loan bills and it snowballed like crazy, naturally.

Fast forward to today, my outstanding amount is now at $900 with one bank. Other banks have been paid off.

Recently I received a call from HSBC to apply for a personal loan. The CSO said that if I take a loan with them and pay promptly my credit score will go up. He said the loan can also help to pay off my last $900 outstanding with Citibank. So I applied for their loan online and got rejected immediately. Another CSO then called and said the reason my loan was rejected was captured in their system as “no documents submitted”. He helped me apply for a loan through email and a courier. Am waiting for the outcome now.

Immediately after this I checked my CBR and it was HZ. It was HH 2 days ago....yes I have applied for other loans and CCs few months ago and while they were all rejected, my score still remained at HH.

In any case, once my $900 is paid off, how do I increase my credit score if banks just keep rejecting my applications?
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