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Has been using the V50 for few weeks. Bought it because of the quad DAC for music playing. Fantastic sounding from Tidal MQA and sound quality is 70% to 80% of dedicated music DAPs worth up to $600 to $1k level. Normally I use one screen for Tidal and the other screen to surf the net. After firmware update last week, added wide mode on chrome browser and make the duo screen more useful as web page now spread to 2 screens. Negative will be battery life could be better but I think due to duo screen and I am streaming music most of the time. Weight is a bit heavy but duo screen is to be expected I guess. Just sharing with those looking for a great sounding phone for music.
Great! I’m using V30 as my music player too for playing FLAC ripped from my cd collections and also bluetooth music to my car. V30 is a great overall phone, so I think V50 won’t disappoint me too.

You have updated the firmware thru LG bridge?
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