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which of the 8 u own? quite curious
2 Filcos full 108 key, Blue, Brown (side printed keys) - all developed issues on some keys after a while, one of them i re-soldered a switch but the overall feel and typing experience is the best

108 key Rosewill , Red - no issues to date also quite well made.

Cherry Classic Line G81-1800 , Black - retro I recall it being well made but black is too stiff for me

Razer Black Widow Expert (2010), Blue i think? - One of the cheapest Cherry MX based keyboards at the time the only issue was the damn macro keys on the left, made centering your hands difficult if you are used to regular keyboards

Royal Kludge RG-987, some Red clone - worst in terms of construction but I was going for cheapest keyboard I could find only $40. I believe it had bad key wobble wasn't nice for typing at all.

Keycool 84 key with Bluetooth , Gateron Red - don't really like that gateron switch compared to Cherry MX, the keyboard is decently solid not as good as Filco or Durgod. High quality keycaps but a bit sharp at the edges

Durgod K310 - Red silent - Liking this keyboard a lot so far!
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