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I think its ok for mages and support heroes that stay at the back. If you can clear L55 eatery no need to rush, each day 4.5k points more than enough to reach last reward.
Ditto. Tiara is not that bad. Its the helm that increases the highest mdef (at 15%) if u can maintain 100% hp. BIS for damage-based bozel.

But most people use soul stealer headdress for another 50% chance to slap another silence on nearby enemies, even though its only +10% mdef.

So if you want bozel to do slightly more dmg, bluemoon+tiara. If you want bozel to be a debuffing machine, miracle staff+soul stealer headdress.

Also, the conditional bonus to def and mdef is higher than unconditional ones. Tiara has this condition mainly for one purpose: to lower the chance of mages and healers being one-shotted.

Definitely not for ledin. Ledin is better off with unconditional ones like aeneas set.

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