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Nothing. Check if any bad sectors and rma accordingly. Your data is gone (if you are o. Raid 5) My advise is either subscribe to cloud, buy another hdd or nas to backup.

Raid is not backup.
Last night I click the repair button and this morning thereís beep alert again.
I login and see my data is back, with
Disk 1(6TB) not in use
Disk 2 (10TB)
Disk 3 (10TB)
Disk 4 (1TB) Crashed

A new HDD of 10TB or greater is required...

Now I digging my ex HDD to copy out whatever I can before getting new HDD later.

Iím not familiar with it, should I just copy out everything or insert and replace the crash HDD for it to run again. Iím worried kena blue flashing again...

And any recommendations for cloud storage?
I got approx 4-6TB of photos
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