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If you copy out the data into a drive I believe you still need to have 2 empty 10 TB to setup a Raid 0 volume. The system will wipe both drives when it setups the Raid 0 volume.

I had a USB Raid enclosure last time under Stardom brand, I recall that enclosure allowed me to copy contents of a existing drive into the secondary one when the volume was setup. But this will increase cost.

To simplify if your others drives are fine (check SMART) maybe just replace the broken drive and rebuild the volume? Or you can copy the data into the unused 6TB drive and use the remaining two drives working to create a Raid 0 and copy the contents back into it?

2 x 10TB raid I will need an enclosure right if Iím using laptop.
Am I able to transfer data out into 1 10TB and buy another 10TB as a raid setup at a later time due to budget. Will it arrest my data when I doing raid at a later stage?

Currently trying to keep my budget low as past 2 months having high expenses on medical bills..
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