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Can WSDip graduates apply to progress to local universities?

WSDip graduates can apply to related full time or part-time degree programmes in the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Technology or Singapore University of Social Sciences, subject to the admission requirements of the university.

Can apply to related full time degree programmes? I need more info on this coz I can only find those part-time degree programmes.

Can WSDip trainees still apply to polytechnics after completing the WSDip?

Since the WSDip is already a diploma, there is no need for another diploma from the polytechnics. However, some may wish to pursue Work-Study Post Diploma (Advanced / Specialist Diploma).

Does this means the WSDiploma is equivalent to Poly Diploma? I'm confused.
1. SIT is one of them, allows WLTD students who graduated with the diploma to apply for full time courses provided they meet their requirements. For more information:

2. Yes, WLTD is considered as Polytechnic Diploma, graduates will aquire extra 2 years working experience ahead. one may also choose to upgrade to specialist diploma, etc. For more enquires, do enquire to ITE for more infomation.
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