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Anyone have comments on Beach Road Kitchen? I saw an earlier post about them having Sashimi so that's good cause I can eat a whole salmon. I saw reviews on their menu, looks good.
I went for their dinner buffet on 13Oct and my dining group wasn't really impressed considering the s$90++ sticker price. My thoughts based on their "stations" concept:

Charcuterie & Cheese market --> Not bad. Nice selection of cheese and accompaniments, but selection of ham and pastrami a bit low.

Seafood Room --> Underwhelming. Seafood on ice got oysters, lobster, prawns, and flower crab, sashimi only salmon. lots of different flavours of cured salmon and barramundi. but overall I thought the variety a bit poor compared to other hotel buffets.

Vertical Salad Bar --> OK I guess. I don't really eat Salad at buffets.

Noodle Bar --> Laksa and taiwanese beef noodle soup on offer. Laksa was quite nice, a bit on the spicy side.

Chinese Food --> Soy sauce steamed pomfret was pretty nice, but others (loh mai kai and mapo tofu) just OK.

Chicken and Duck Rice --> Terrible, don't even bother.

Grill --> Disappointing. The whole (technically) half grilled snapper and pomfret was interesting in theory but in practice dry and not seasoned well. Roast pork and pork ribs not nice. Roast lamb was OK.

Wood Fired Oven --> Don't know why but there was no pizza being made for the buffet, instead this station tio converted to Mala xiang guo which I didn't try.

Indian Food --> Decent selection, taste also sort of OK, but I'm not an indian food lover.

Sweet Shop --> This one nice selection, nice taste also. Wife and I especially liked the local kuih and cookies / sweets. There was a soft serve ice cream machine but it didn't seem to be working well (we saw some kids pull the lever and it came out half soft serve half liquid).
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