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well.. that seems underwhelming. Reconsidering my options again now.

Anyways, is it just me, but do people actually like the cold crustaceans? The lobsters are rubbery, the crab meat is a little tough, the flavour isnt really there.

And the crab shell is the funniest part, its soft and yet, oddly strong. So when you try to break it, it bends and refuses to crack, wtf?
Well, seafood on ice is a good way to enjoy seafood IF it is fresh.

The sweetness of the seafood is not overwhelmed by any sauce. I like my chilli crabs, but no matter how nice the chilli sauce is, it makes the dish 'heavier' and you get jelat faster. I can eat a lot more crab if its just poached or steamed

Seafood on ice also tends to be 'fresher' compared to cooked seafood as there is no sauce to help 'cover up'. Eg, if a fish is not so fresh, the conventional wisdom will be to fry it or cook it with some sauce, whereas if it is fresh, then steaming it is the preferred method.

Hmmm, for nice lobsters on ice, you can try seasonal tastes. Barring some 'off' ones, the rest are pretty fresh. You get firm bouncy meat w a hint of sweetness. Of cos, its a buffet, so can't compare to those ala carte restaurants with live lobsters in tanks etc.
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