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Hi there,

I applied MTECH Ebac Jan 2020 part time as well. Still waiting for the outcome.
I had entrance exam on 4th of july and interview on sept 30.

The interviewer asked on work experience, reason to further study, how you can cope with the loads. I think itís quite general.

As for the exam, A level standard maths. itís a little hard, mainly because I didnít review my old notes before going for the exam. Actually, i didn't have enough time to finish the questions..

Wish you all the best.
Thanks man.
I went for the test on 25 Sep. I didn't have enough time to finish either. :/
No news since. Waiting to see if they'll ask for interview.

They extended the deadline for applications from 15 Sep + 1 wk. My guess is the interview process is still ongoing.

Hope to hear your good news. All the best too!
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