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Edge also not in same league as Colony n Carousel though > then both Jens.

1 thing good abt Edge is the large variety of food. Really a lot of choices. Too bad you going on Sun. If you like spicy food, their current sichun theme (end on Sat) is not bad. When i went last Fri, they had spicy bullfrog, la zi chix, cold liang fen n those chinna mala grilled fish. King crab legs some good, some lousy. Do remember to try the rum choc!
No choice, Colony and Carousel both fully booked, i think Carousel only has 8:30pm slots, gonna pass on that.

Sounds like not going on Sat is good cause i am pretty bad at handling spicy food.

In your opinion, what other buffets are in the same league as Colony and Carousel? I still have ample time to cancel booking.
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