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Last night I click the repair button and this morning there’s beep alert again.
I login and see my data is back, with
Disk 1(6TB) not in use
Disk 2 (10TB)
Disk 3 (10TB)
Disk 4 (1TB) Crashed

A new HDD of 10TB or greater is required...

Now I digging my ex HDD to copy out whatever I can before getting new HDD later.

I’m not familiar with it, should I just copy out everything or insert and replace the crash HDD for it to run again. I’m worried kena blue flashing again...

And any recommendations for cloud storage?
I got approx 4-6TB of photos
1. recomemnd to back up.
2. you can always click a s3 or azure storage to use for 1mth.. set it up, transfer everything into it... (free 1st mth)... do whatever u need to do with your NAS, transfer it back - delete the account

Edit: try Azure (guarantee will work because of the USD200 credit) unlike the stingy AWS.

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