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Been there before, the outdoor BBQ is sort of hidden. Only some paper signs and even then, it looked really shady.

Didn't really try anything from that section...

I like Melt, but i could be biased since i went during CNY.
Yea, the bbq stn is at this pavilion thingy outside in the garden area. Plus they dun serve to your table, so a bit troublesome to go out to order n then go out again to collect.

I only find their indian section not bad, the rest of the food forgettable. Nice choc cake though.

Hi Toons, was there foie gras at Clove when you went for the weekend dinner?
Yes, foie gras on mini beef steak. Normally foie gras served w some sweet + sourish sauce w bread, but the foie gras plus beef combo actually works too. Quite nice ... in fact its the highlight of the buffet
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