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Wondering if I should pull in the latest Tiaris/Dieharte/Luna banner.

I don’t exactly need to since I use Leon and Liana now.

But tempted to try for Dieharte to unlock Luna’s bond. I have Luna currently but not using her yet as I use Leon, Ledin, Cherie, Chris and Liana mostly. May transit to princess + Ledin or strategic + dark team. Still undecided though.

Any advice will be appreciated.

PS: Nice waifu additions ��
Advice: don't pull for dieharte if that is your only purpose.

Luna is one of my main char. I never bother to lvl up her atk (she is still using lvl 30 ullr's bow. Lol)

As long as you had unlocked her with lewin for toughness and lvl the bond power, you are able to unlock her centre heartpiece. Her toughness bond power and centre heartpiece are much more impt.

Her bond power - strength which dieharte unlocks has very low effect on Luna. I have dieharte, so its unlocked, but I never lvl it to save resources since Luna don't even gain any benefit from it. (Same case for bozel, ledin, vargas etc. I never lvl up the bond power -strength also.)

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