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Oh yes, Luna just needs mdef. Simple but somehow my desire to pull clouded my thinking.

Then it depends on how much I need Tiaris, which I believe it is not essential.

Thanks bro.
Tiaris is good for late game high difficulty.

Correction: U need to lvl bond power - toughness to lvl 5, not 3, to unlock centre heartpiece since it needs a combined bond power lvl of 35 to unlock. Lvl 3 is for those who has also unlocked her strength bond power.

Do build Luna. She is the best mounted Archer in this game.

The dark skin waifu I got is really bad in comparison.

Gave her good equips, but she underperformed. Main problem is her talent and skills are nothing outstanding, and can be easily replaced by others.

And why they give her, a ranged char, the onrush skill. Practically a useless 2 cost skill for her.

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