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Just some information for people who want to purchase Secretlab chair in Singapore.

I have gotten a Secret Lab Throne chair 1 year plus ago (didn't even reach 2 years lifespan), and not only the leather peel off quite badly, but every now and then I need to sweep the floor. The chair legs also experienced erosion.

*Unfortunately I still cannot post any images or links yet as I do not have sufficient post count. PM me if you are interested and I will share with you.

As the chair has barely reached 1 year plus to result in such deteriorated condition, I am disappointed. Honestly, most of the time I am in office and I do not sit on this chair, maybe more often on weekends. To begin with, Secret Lab chair are not cheap as I respect it as a premium product and best of breed in the market.

Similarly to most of the people, Secret Lab has also shared with me my current chair trade in value and a servicing fee of $49. I didn't find both of the option of trading in my chair and top for the new chair or servicing the chair with a fee attractive if I need to always buy a new chair with quite little trade in value or servicing the chair every less than 2 years life span

I sincerely hope a reputable company like Secret Lab should at the very least provide excellent retention customer service for their customers. But unfortunately they didn't.

Just to share with your my personal experience with Secret Lab chair. If you are staying in cold countries, maybe the chair will not peel off as bad as the humid weather in Singapore.
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