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Just received OTA update to V11r.

Wonder what the update about. All in Korean. :S22:

Sent from Google PIXEL 4 XL ~Oh So Orange~ using GAGT
V50 ThinQ performance update in progress

-S/W Version: V500N11q (LG U +) (10/30)
-S/W Version: V500N11r (KT) (10/24)
-S/W Version: V500N11r (SKT) (10/29)
-S/W Version: V500NO11q (Self-Based) (10/30)

-Improved call and data connection quality.
-Improved volume control for each media app when multiple media apps are running at the same time.
-Improved the screen content resizing function even when the dual screen is attached.
-Improved to use 5G roaming service.
-Google Security Updates increase your phone's security.


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