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Johor Bahru - share is caring

hi all, let's discuss jb in this thread.
everything is welcomed.. toll fees, good food, supermarket, cheap petrol, nice shopping centres...

worthy mentions:

bus services
special thanks suangern

i start off by sharing a scam i encountered when my friend and i drove up there last week.

on the return trip, we filled the tank at the caltex near the checkpoint. after filling up, a lady approached our car and knocked on our window, signaling for us to wind it down. having read about scams in jb, we wound down just a little.

she proclaimed to be 'agent' for the city square anniversary promo and required us to tear open a 'lucky draw coupon'. if there is a 'thank you', just sign on it to acknowledge and she would get a commission. my coupon was the 'thank you' version, i drew a tortoise on it for her to 'claim commission'. my friend got the 'winning' coupon. and the 'agent promptly produced a newspaper clipping to try to proof that the prizes exists. she went on to request(almost to begging) that we give her a ride to her agency to claim the prize, also mentioning that she'll get commission for that. of cos, we did not agree.. she went on to beg us to do so, stressing on the 'commission' she'll get.

my friend told her, "we're in a rush"
she replied(or beg), "please mister, i can get commission for this"

i told her off by saying, "since you said the prizes is so good, you can give it to others, i'm sure there will be people who will take it"
her face changed and say, "ok", and walked off

1. the coupon i got was observably opened before and sticked back
2. if she could get comm by me signing, then she could just sign on all the 'thank you' herself
3. city square lucky draw is entered by min. spending of RM50
4. she wanted a lift from us
5. she did not produced any identity card
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