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Latest EVpad易播盒子 seems to be named EVbox in Taiwan.

EVBox Plus (4GB/32GB, dual band WiFi, H6 CPU) and EVBox 3R (2GB/16GB, 2.4Ghz WiFi, H6 CPU) are the latest model from EVpad. The configuration of EVBox Plus (highest end model) is similar to Tanix TX6, official Tanix TX6 4GB/32GB version TV box with Tanix logo costs about S$61.2 from Gearbest. On the other hand, good IPTV subscription is also not cheap, so I can understand those who are willing to pay around S$166/189 for EVbox 3R and EVBox Plus (Shopee listing price). Promtion price for EVbox Plus is at NT$3880 now in Taiwan which translate to about S$174. Price for EVbox 3R is at NT$3280 which is about S$147.

Price of EVbox Plus seems to be comparable to UPro S (2GB/32GB, dual band WiFi, H6 CPU) at around S$198 from Shopee listing. UPro 2 (1GB/16GB, 2.4GHz WiFi, HI) is at around S$178 from Shopee. EVbox wins at the RAM side but 2GB is good enough even if you plan to install some 3rd party apps.

The lowest end EVbox Smart 1GB/16GB version (NT$2580 or S$115) is not recommended, 1GB RAM may be problematic with Google Play Services installed, the CPU is Quad-core A7, probably RK3229, which is also very weak.

In Singapore the boxes are still called EVpad. EVpad 3S (2GB/8GB, 2.4GHz WiFi), EVPad 3 (2GB/16GB, dual band WiFi), EVpad 3 Max (3GB/32GB, dual band WiFi) and the new EVpad 3 Plus (2GB/32GB, dual band WiFi). All of them are based on H6 CPU with sufficient CPU power and RAM.

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