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Bro for new unblock / EV android box (don’t want tablets) with the current iso block is it plug and play or do I need to buy already and then go back home to fiddle this and that like
My old 2nd unblock which just died on me

Latest EVpad易播盒子 seems to be named EVbox in Taiwan.

EVBox Plus (4GB/32GB, dual band WiFi, H6 CPU) and EVBox 3R (2GB/16GB, 2.4Ghz WiFi, H6 CPU) are the latest model from EVpad. The configuration of EVBox Plus (highest end model) is similar to Tanix TX6, official Tanix TX6 4GB/32GB version TV box with Tanix logo costs about S$61.2 from Gearbest. On the other hand, good IPTV subscription is also not cheap, so I can understand those who are willing to pay around S$166/189 for EVbox 3R and EVBox Plus (Shopee listing price). Promtion price for EVbox Plus is at NT$3880 now in Taiwan which translate to about S$174. Price for EVbox 3R is at NT$3280 which is about S$147.

Price of EVbox Plus seems to be comparable to UPro S (2GB/32GB, dual band WiFi, H6 CPU) at around S$198 from Shopee listing. UPro 2 (1GB/16GB, 2.4GHz WiFi, HI) is at around S$178 from Shopee. EVbox wins at the RAM side but 2GB is good enough even if you plan to install some 3rd party apps.

The lowest end EVbox Smart 1GB/16GB version (NT$2580 or S$115) is not recommended, 1GB RAM may be problematic with Google Play Services installed, the CPU is Quad-core A7, probably RK3229, which is also very weak.

In Singapore the boxes are still called EVpad. EVpad 3S (2GB/8GB, 2.4GHz WiFi), EVPad 3 (2GB/16GB, dual band WiFi), EVpad 3 Max (3GB/32GB, dual band WiFi) and the new EVpad 3 Plus (2GB/32GB, dual band WiFi). All of them are based on H6 CPU with sufficient CPU power and RAM.
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