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My OCBC TR card had a fraudulent charge from Amazon EU 3-4 weeks ago and I have made multiple calls to OCBC hotline to inform of this issue, for the bank to reverse the transaction or at least issue a temp credit while the investigation is being done.

However, OCBC chose to do nothing, and now I am going to be hit with late payment penalty and interest for a fraudulent transaction which they have been duly informed 3 weeks prior.

And it seems that I am not the only case as the OCBC staff acknowledged that this is a widespread issue within the bank and from what I understand, the people who were advised to just leave the fraud charge unpaid were subsequently slapped with the late fee and interest, as well as a hit on their Credit Rating on CBS.
Just realise that they haven reverse that fraudulent charge on my account also. Same relates to

Amazon *Mktplce EU-IT 800-279-6620 LUX

Do we need to lodge a complain to MAS before OCBC will take action? why is it affecting users credit rating?
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